Monday, March 2, 2015

2014, the blur that suddenly became 2015

2014 was a busy year.

With a lot of help from friends I was able to fund a book I was working on for two years.
Bedbug's Book of Wisdom was printed March 2015 with a limited run of 250 copies. A few copies still floating around in circulation.

Working on smaller mini comix featuring Bedbug. Keep an eye out for them.

Did a few residencies, one in West Seattle in the world famous Caravan Airstream trailer gallery and at the Georgetown Art and Cultural Center (GACC). At both places I created permanent art for the walls.

Local commercial sign work kept me busy doing hand lettered signs for Bella Nocturne and Seek and Restore. These shops are part of the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. Signs for Ultrafab Computer Service & Repair and Hallava Falafel, both excellent Seattle Businesses have fresh eye-catching signage now.

This winter have been both making commissioned fine art for living spaces, murals and entire house make-overs.

In the process of organizing photos from all of 2014's and early 2015's projects.

Until then please enjoy a glimpse of an old favorite, now displayed at the Mix music venue in Georgetown. Long story about the 13 year journey of this painting and how it vanished and returned.

Please visit my Etsy page for Bedbug cartoon gear and related art for sale

I have been keeping my www.bedbugcartoon.tumblr page active with frequent posts.
Thank you for choosing to view my art