Sunday, December 22, 2013

This is a break from the typical art posting as this one is more of a commercial type thing.
I was hired to create 2 15' w x 20' tall stage backdrops and a bald eagle for the most recent
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis US Fall Tour. In addition to painting the backdrops and eagle, I also had a hand in the design/fabrication of 3D tree trunks.

The backdrop painting and eagle painting were all done freehand with no templates, grids or projection enlargement on fire retardant muslin stage drapery. The eagle was drawn freehand on plywood, cut and detailed. The trunks were formed from large cut Sonotube, heat formed plastic sheeting that simulated a bark texture, bondo, expanding foam and tons of paint.

The photos here show the process from start to finish and some stage shots lifted from the M&RL website. Zoe Rain is the official photographer. Other source is

I will add better quality photos soon. These give you a good idea of what went down. Oh yeah, I painted the backdrops and eagle in 5 days.

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