Friday, January 18, 2013

Custom Missing Link Ink Tattoo Flash Sheets!!! I am selling these original flash sheets as well as limited runs of 10 prints per design (signed and numbered). Originals are made on heavy cardstock using a mix of india ink, tattoo ink, acrylic paint and sharpie marker.

Originals sell for $150/sheet. Prints are $30 each.

I riff on classic themes and inject my own designs as well as popular and obscure 20th century cartoon and advertising icons.

I have been collecting tats for years and gave it a whirl as a tattooer a few years back. Arthritis made it nearly impossible to devote time to pursuing tattooing as a career so the next best thing for me is to create my own flash sheets.

I also design custom one of a kind tattoo pain-free designs that you can take directly to your favorite ink slinger or simply hang on the wall to admire.

These designs can be purchased immediately by going to my Etsy shop or you can contact me directly  to avoid all the fees and extra cost of Etsy.

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