Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I put a few pieces in the Caravan show Friday 7/15. The theme was mobility, appropriate as the show was placed in a beautifully restored Airstream Land Yacht. My friends, Brenda and Tim Scallon have spent the past year converting the trailer into a mobile art gallery. The Caravan currently resides on the side of their home in West Seattle.

The event was a blast. Grace Dager displayed her animated re-constructed toys. 'Frank' entertained the kids and adults alike with his comedy and prestidigitation. Tim played guitar in the back yard. Despite the rain and cold July weather tons of people came and partied like rock stars. Wesley Willis would say it 'whupped a race horse's ass!'

The new paintings I made for this show are all acrylic on wood panels. There are several smaller paintings left over from my show at Freshy's last April that also have the theme of mobility. check out the review and interview down below.

The Mix in Georgetown has some new signs for the sidewalk. The guitar playing gal is soon to be featured as a t-shirt design.

The Mix is a live music venue in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Live music Tuesday through Saturday and kick ass bar grub. The Best Happy Hour (3-7pm) east of the Duwamish River.