Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Green Girl Ain't No Dummy


The Green Girl is a mannequin body that I found, painted and pieced together. Arms are from different mannequins. She was all banged up and scuffed so after much sanding and patching the paint was applied. A bright almost neon green made sense at the time.

Green Girl was my shop mannequin at STUFF Cafe for a few years. She traveled up and down the coast and to festivals all across the NW with John and Kara, the owners of 'Not a Number', a cool politically left leaning novelty and gift shop in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

After she came home to roost, she worked as both a model for paintings as well as photo model for dozens of vintage rock concert t-shirts that I sold on eBay. She traveled to NYC and back to Seattle.

During my employment at Smarty Pants, a sandwich shop/bar in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle I lent her striking beauty to the owners so they could display their hats and shirts. Since my departure from Smarty Pants this April, the owners have refused to return her to me. On a side note, they have also refused to give me my last paycheck. The paycheck even as pitiful as it may be is still a legal matter the state of Washington would have a field day. The Green Girl being held POW or who knows, she could be lying at the bottom of Puget Sound for all I know, is beyond contempt. I wouldn't put it past the school yard bully mentality of these people to have simply destroyed the Green Girl. If they prove me wrong and return her like the so-called responsible adults that they claim to be then I would be highly surprised. That's another fun project lined up for summer. I love fun summer projects.

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