Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 years of deep fried pickles and schnitzel in Ballard WA

This November 20th will mark the 10th anniversary of when the Peoples Pub in Ballard opened its doors and began serving late night pub grub and reasonably priced, fully loaded drinks, German beers and entress. My latest work for the Pub is planned to be screened on shirts and pint glasses for this milestone.

A pickle duking it out with a pig in a battle for a tasty, lightly breaded champeenship.

Dude, Where's my Dick?

This was my piece for 'The Sick Show' at the Black Lab gallery in Ballard WA 2002. Add batteries and you have a fully functional operation game with real illnesses. It's painted with acrylic preserving as much of the original character art as I could. This is in the collection of Saundra Vallencia.


Thought this would make a great all weather tattoo. I thought after I came up with this I should add 'pretty fucking please' but ran out of space.

Some old Toast gems in West Seattle

Monster Truck Jon has these and others in his collection. These pieces are from 1998 or 99. They are acrylic, spray enamel, collage paper and permanent marker pen. The surfaces are heavy cardboard and paper. They all have a heavy coat of spray fixative. I built up collage and painting in a thin wash over the assorted images creating a somewhat transparent image super imposed on bad advertising, porn and classified ads. We shall discuss the secret bonding agent at a later juncture.

7 day art challenge

My friend Nico presents random 7 day art challenges. Each challenge is well thought out and makes for engaging brain waves.

The following are the instructions and the results of my answers for each step of the challenge.

Here are the long awaited instructions for the challenge:

Below this email there is a list of 6 answers waiting for you.

Take this list of six things and make art!

“What?!?!? “ you cry. Okay, here is what I am hoping you will do.

I envision that this will be one piece of art, worked on, and slaved over for seven straight days. Your theme includes the random inspiration from these questions that have been answered by someone other than yourself.

Use the hyperlinks to loose yourself on the web, and find yourself on a path that brings you to some sort of inspiration. However, pace yourself. Choose your medium(s) wisely; pick a size that feel big enough to be spontaneous, but not so big that you are overwhelmed with the space to fill.

Try not to read ahead to closely to the next day’s answers. Keep it fresh! Spontaneous.

Day one, take Answer #1 and let it be the stage for your composition

Day two, take Answer #2 and find inspiration to make that color real in your piece

Day Three, learn about this word, find reference of it in random places, let this discovery influence your work on this day

Day Four, how does the image effect you. Is it ugly, strange, annoying, lame, fascinating…what is your first reaction to it…include this feeling as you work

Day Five, find out more about this place in history, let it evolve your work somehow on this day

Day Six, let this quote inform your next step.

Day Seven, allow yourself to pull it all together, add to it whatever you feel it needs.

On Day seven we can all try to figure out who had our answers, and I will post a list at the end of who got who!

*post a jpeg everyday of your progress

*good luck

Your Answers:

1. My little hut in the damp woods was woven from windfallen branches and

floored with springy fir twigs which provided a soft and pleasantly fragrant

place to sit and read.

2. Winsor and Newton (student) Pthalo Green plus Ultramarine

=The Bay

3. Maladjustment

Inability to react successfully and satisfactorily to the

demands of one’s environment. Though the term applies

to a wide range of biological and social conditions, it often implies an

individual’s failure to meet social or cultural expectations.


5. Death of Douglas Hyde, first President of Ireland (b. 1860)

6. “Living well is the best revenge.” George Herbert (1593 - 1633)

I worked odd hours that week so I combined a couple steps and documented the progress in 4 images, 4 different sessions. I worked on this as I was working on the Freshy's show. Is it done?