Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Show in NYC for 2009

My last empty glass in the city for a long time...
Niagara Bar at midnight
Nari Kim.
Nick, Pat and some dumbass
Anne Yen and Phil Kaffen. Anne's animal illustrations are kick ass!
Hey Ho Let's Go by Yoshitomo Nara on the wall of the bar!
The show in full swing! The Room was packed.
Ashkan Sahihi, a mind blowing photographer and Ashlyn Marquez.
how could you not have a smile on your face at this show?

I decided to move back to Seattle and take a couple months to travel and visit friends across the US. Some friends I haven't seen in over 20 years. I participated in a group show at Niagara Bar on December 17th 2009. It was my second show at Niagara. There was a great turn out and the show doubled as a last chance to see some friends before heading west.

The show theme for me was Jesus paintings since it was so close to the Christmas holiday. Most pieces have been around a while. One new piece I was really excited to show was the 'Don't Ask me 4 shit'. Joseph and Mary are strung out on speed and chain smoking on the strip. Baby JC is hooking them up with some 40's of Budweiser. The painting has LED chase lights buried in the background that flash. As with most of my Jesus paintings this newest piece was painted on an existing print. The flashing lights are part of the design. The lights run on 2 AA batteries. Photo and Video of the new piece will be forthcoming.

Niagara is at the corner of Avenue A and 7th Street. It's got a really cool Joe Strummer Mural on the side of the building and has and amazing gallery space. The bar is affordable for NYC, always friendly servers and cool Yoshitomo Nara drawings on the walls inside. The Antagonist Art Movement curates the shows once a week on Thursdays. You can find them on Facebook as well as Myspace. is their website.

Living in New York for almost 3 years was an incredible experience. I learned a lot at the classes I took at SVA and made some remarkable friends.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing at our space. and nice write up.

Ethan Minkser

Antagonist Movement

michael o'driscoll said...

Ethan, You are welcome. I look forward to future shows with the Antagaonist Art Movement. Tell Ted I said 'Hi!