Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/11 Show at Rung Studio Georgetown Seattle WA

Those of you who already know me well, know my thoughts on the controlled demolition of the World Trade center on Tuesday, September 11th 2001 as well as the other planes involved in Pennsylvania and DC. I am firm in my belief and no amount of persuasion could make me think otherwise. If the evidence and overwhelming information of the Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden connections, the events that led up to this day, the physics of building demolition and remarkable photos and video taken as the towers fell isn't enough to convince you to question the people who run the show on this rock, then I don't feel the need to waste my time explaining my views.

In no way do I intend to dishonor the memory of the people who died in the planes, in the buildings or the people who died in the rescue efforts. This is indeed one of the greatest tragedies that ever happened on American soil in 2001. I wouldn't say it's the greatest tragedy in the history of the USA if you compare it to the ongoing war on drugs in our inner cities and borders, long term incarceration of African Americans for marijuana simple possession, Native American genocide, slavery, and Juggalos. It's a tragedy nonetheless and the people who died that day were victims of a much greater tragedy and that is the absolute power grab by the leaders of the New World Order.

These paintings are my way of being able to laugh in the face of a dying planet and the greedy idiots who think they are in charge.

If you don't agree with me, I understand. It's not a popular position that I have. Much love to the ones who know the truth.

Fuel for the artistic fire. Peaches macerated in whiskey, bananas, honey and corn chips.

Work studio. Sometime around 3 in the morning on a day I don't remember.

They spelled my name correctly.

View of mount Rainier from the Rung Parking Lot.

Simon asked me to put something up on the dry erase board as long as I had a beer in my hand at all times. Rusty brought the Kenny Rogers LP.

The lobby of Stageworks Productions.

Simon Clark, John 'Zeke' Brucker, Bonnie Schneider-Clark & Rusty Urie - Rock 'n' Roll Parking Lot!!!
The RUNG building.

Saber Tooth Gob [Smilidon Gigantus Excrementum Feteo]- acrylic on found canvas $1000

Ti' Swaq': The pronunciation “tea-swawk” is acceptable though it really should be pronounced with more character given to the final K sound. To be more accurate, the word should end with a coughlike exhalation of air “Think of blowing out a candle.” as told by Satiucum to acrylic on found board $175

Gladys- acrylic on found canvas $225

Tiki Muse- acrylic on found canvas $175

OMG LWTF.BBQ NOA >: - ( ATM NEHW BP SNAFU PU! CWOT- acrylic on found canvas Seattle WA $225

When fishing for carpet sharks, Cthulu prefers a traditional snell knot to secure the hook as they tend to twitch violently and have unpredictable bursts of strength until proper anaesthetic can be administered- acrylic on found canvas Seattle WA $500

What's eating Al Gore?- Acrylic on found canvas $125

WWJDD [What Would Jesus Daring Do?]

Our Lady of DelMonte- acrylic on found print Seattle WA $500

First successful feline cojoined head transplant- acrylic on found canvas with bonus Siamese cat collage on back $450

JayCee- acrylic on found print BX NY $150

Xrayted- acrylic on found canvas BX NY $500

Vortex- acrylic on found canvas Willmington DE $550

From Her to Toxicity- acrylic on found canvas Seattle WA $750

WWJD [What would Jesus Drink?]- acrylic on found print Seattle WA $250

Don't ask me 4 Shit- acrylic on print with LED display. Batteries included BX NY $175

A Discussion- acrylic on found board BX NY $550

Ultra Kaijin Eiga Jesus- acrylic on found print Seattle WA $450

This show was part of the second Saturday Art Attack Georgetown art walk at Rung Studio Also see . These are the wonderful folks who invited me to show my work at Rung.

Thanks to all who came down that night to make it an amazing evening. Thank you for all who helped me forget the last couple hours of the night as we worked our way through the bars of Airport Way. The sign of a truly eventful night is not remembering the best parts.

For those who couldn't make it, please come to the October 9th reception. I have been asked to collaborate with another amazing artist, John 'Zeke' Brucker for the next art walk.

This series of paintings are all acrylic paint on found/reclaimed canvases that had existing landscapes. All the surfaces were found in dumpsters, estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores all across the country.

I took some photos of the paintings in the condition they were in when I found them so you could see how the process began.

All the paintings have the titles listed below each photo. All are for sale.

The piece below is painted on a found print that has a red LED light display embedded in the picture. It operates on 2 AAA batteries. Neato!