Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monroe Cinema Mural

I just got back from Monroe NY. I spent two days making a mural this past weekend at the Monroe 6 Cinema movie theatre. Sunday was my birthday so it was an extra cool way to celebrate. The theme I decided on was B-Movies. I made a really brightly colored tribute to classic B-movies, sci-fi and horror films.

I put well known movie characters in old cars at a drive-in movie. Godzilla is making popcorn with fire from his mouth and the 50 Foot Woman is catching what she can in a bucket. She straddles a drive-in movie sign. The marquee says "It came from Monroe in 3-D". Giant Ants are crawling over the hill to catch popcorn. A green Zombie hand comes from out of a grave to pluck a piece of popcorn. King Kong is hanging on the Empire State Building. He holds an unwinding film reel. The film reel goes off the main wall and wraps around the side wall for just a few feet. Kong sports a bowler derby as a nod to the website www.bowlerhatcinemas.com, the website for the Monroe Theatre as well as the other movie houses owned by the same owner, Kasey Gittleman.

In the cars are Darth Vader, the Mole People, Klaatu, Vampira, Tor Johnson, Bela Lugosi, Freddy Kruger, ET, Michael Myers, Dr. Zaius, the monster from This Island Earth, The Robot Monster, the Scream monster, the Crawling Eye, A Dalek and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The Moon with the rocket ship in his eye above the trees is from the classic 1902 Le Voyage dans la Lune.

I made a hand gesturing for parons to enter theatre 4 styled after old movie signs with pointing fingers. In the lower right corner of the mural is a giant octopus who is signing the back of the movie screen with my name.

The mural was over 9 feet high and 19 feet wide took over 15 hours to complete. Towards the end Mika helped get the last few pieces of the puzzle completed. She helped fill in some solid spaces and added black paint to the film reel.

I am posting a chronological evolution of the mural from the original wall to the uglamourous primer coat phase to the last splash of color.