Sunday, April 26, 2009

Albert Hoffman's Bunnies

I was recently commissioned by my friend Rick Griffith to make several bunny illustrations for an event he is participating in at the Denver Art Museum The event coincides with an exhibit of psychedelic posters from the 60's and is called Untitled #20 [Trip]. I am thrilled to be part of this project. Go to both of the highlighted websites in this posting and spend a while browsing through each. Matter Studio is awesome. Check out their archives, the Democratic National Conventon stuff and their store. and the DAM ain't too shabby neither. I'll be posting colorized versions of these trippy little rabbits soon. The day of the event falls between the day Albert Hoffman dropped acid for the first time or what's become Bicycle Day and the day he departed this world.

The top 5 images are a couple of the bunnies that didn't make the grade and the originals that were hand tinted for a show at Niagara Bar in the East Village. Sold a bunny that night.

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Luda Lima said...

these bunnies are ORSON, dear Michael!