Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been learning how to tattoo. Last August in Baltimore, my friend Jim gave me a tattoo liner and a shader for my birthday. His wife Tara let me give her a tattoo in her leg where she has an ever growing collection of little fisrt time tattoos. My first tattoo application on someone else ever. Tara likes zombies and I like monkeys so a zombie monkey seemed fitting. Jim, who's been a tattoo artist for over 13 years walked me through the process step by step with the patience of a saint.

I have since been working on my own legs and a couple friends here in NYC have volunteered their hides for the cause of my getting to be a better tattoo artist.

I will be posting photos of the actual tattoos on another site soon.

I have been making tattoo inspired art recently as I have been learning the craft. The first big piece I made is also on my upper left leg. I call this one 'OUCH!' appropriately enough. It's a Dio de los Muertos inspired piece of a skeleton tattooing another skeleton. It's a double self portrait in a way. More to come...