Friday, December 5, 2008

Graffiti Show

Tonight, December 5th is a cool group show at Zealous [] in the Riverdale neighborhood of the beautiful Bronx. Several artists are showing work inspired by graffiti. A few are actual graffiti writers and a few artists that are making work for the show with graffiti themes.

I fall into the second catergory. I have made my territorial pissings on walls and other public surfaces but never really got bitten by the graffiti bug. I love the art form but I was more into indoor stuff- music, sleeping, drinking...

Who knows, maybe now I'll get the fever to throw up some letters or urban heiroglyphs.

For now I am sticking with learning tattooing, the ultimate graffiti as far as I'm concerned and tweaking existing images by adding my own warped humor.

The painting of Jay Cee is my contribution to the Graffiti show. I am including before and after images. This is the latest in found paintings and prints that have my own special extras. This one was really nicotine stained but had a great image and the frame is the icing on the cake.

I guess this answers the question WWJD? that is What Would Jesus Doodle?

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