Saturday, September 27, 2008

Squeaky Clean Part 2

My first art sale in the Big Apple!
Meg, Mika and Toks.
Nicole, Gloria and Nilda.

Roland and Anne.
Kev and Michelle.

No sooner had I arrived in NY from Baltimore I was already getting ready for my first solo show here at home. The postcards I made arrived on time and looked awesome. Then I get the word the show needs to be postponed a week. Some unforeseen circumstances arose and the Chelsea Wine Vault was closed the planned night of my show.

It worked out just as well because the 12th was a rainy mess. The 19th was a perfect late summer evening so the trade off was worth it.

The paintings looked awesome against the brick wall. The wine flowed and the event was a success! Besides Matt, Anne and Roland from my last class at SVA showed up. Gloria, Nilda, Nicole and Mika journeyed all the way from the Bronx. Michelle and Kevin, two of my dearest friends and greatest living photographers made it. Toks and Meghan showed up fashionably late.
The painting of the two ducklings sold immediately. I still have to find out to whom.

After the reception we managed to find a place that could accomodate 10 of us on short notice for celebratory drinks. If you ever want to spend 15 bucks on a margarita, go to Los Dados. Three kinds of tequila mixed with frozen blackberry puree and the bonus... a lime half turned inside out filled with some funky smoky tequila that one is supposed to drink as a shot. In my old age I have become a cheap date and really appreciate cocktails like this one.

I especially enjoyed a night of enjoying the company of such good friends.


Luda Lima said...

I´m Glad! ;D

Its a pitty I´m not there...
Goof stuff, dear.


Luda Lima said...

Now I put you on my RSS feeder, I can follow things and be not so late in news! hehehe