Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painting Charm City Red

all the velvet ducks in a row.
L to R: Karl, Susan, Me
Tara greets people as they arrive.

My first show in Baltimore was amazing. My art looked amazing on the walls of Saints & Sinners. Jim did a fantastic job of displaying all 23 pieces. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off to get snacks and libations and barely got everything set up when the first guests arrived.

First on the scene was Karl Kriemelmeyer. I hadn't seen Karl in over a decade [I am going back down to see his facemelting psychedelic band Astronomy Dominatrix play in DC @ the Velvet Lounge October 29th, so should you]. Susan Mumford and Kim McDaniel both showed up next. I worked with Karl, Susan and Kim at the Nightclub 930 in the mid-late 80's. Sandie, Geoff and Shawn from PassionFish Gallery in Hampden showed up. That was an honor. They have one of the coolest art spaces in Baltimore. Cory Floyd, one of my oldest friends made it as did Franke, another dear friend from way back. As the night progressed the crowd got bigger and the beers got smaller. We all moved around the corner for food and drinks at Duda's Tavern. Softshell crab sandwiches, sweet potato fries and cold beer to end a really hot and steamy day.

The next day I spent the afternoon watching and learning from the best as Jim inked 4 very different pieces on 4 very different people. Hurricane Hannah brushed past the city. We got soaked and a few branches came down but no storm surges or major damage.

Sunday was a welcome break from the oppressive humidity. I spent the day in DC visiting friends and relaxing before the return to NY. A detour through Wilmington, Delaware yielded a major score at a Salvation Army. I found an enormous landscape already framed for $20. It's been a long time since I've found a decent abandoned masterpiece to rework. I'll be posting the make-over results very soon.

Thanks to all who made it despite Friday rush hour traffic and the impending storm.

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