Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SoCo Mural

I am working on a proposal for a mural. The proposed site is in Fullerton, CA. I am really excited about this opportunity. There is a huge turn-out expected for this competition. I just finished my design and am working on the proposal itself now, with some help from friends. The deadline is in late August and I will find out mid September if my design was chosen to go on the wall. SoCo is the name of the district in Fullerton where a major renaissance is taking place. It's 'South of Commonwealth Avenue' and a very happening little spot.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seattle cafe culture

When I lived in Seattle I spent a lot of time sitting in cafes being that dude with the sketchbook drawing pretty girls. I worked as an art model and when I wasn't being the subject of someone else's art I was studying people around town.

Beautiful girls are by far the most enjoyable subject to draw. Dogs are second followed by old people with all the lines and years of character development. I did most of my drawing at coffee shops, bars and on the bus.

On all of these I used a Pilot Precise V5 fine pen. No pencil or eraser was used ever. I still use this pen frequently when not using my quill.

These are a few selections from the sketches of girls and a couple dogs at various sidewalk cafes in Seattle.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

more work in progress

I've been prepping these little wood squares for some time now. Thought I'd use them for my Baltimore show in September. Last week I just got the big effin' idea to make my velvet paintings instead. Now that I'm committed to the velvet for the show I am using the wood pieces for something else. Something sick and wrong but oh so right. Gob and Dash are awesome helpers. If you every need a quality control expert and editor, Dash is the man. He is always moving around the room observing my work with his critical eye. Gob is the go-to guy for choosing color and composition. Gob definitely has the emotional connection to the art and channels the muse.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marly and Gertie


More images from my pet portraits. These two sassy lassies are my sister Maureen's and my brother-in-law Craig's pups, Marly & Gertie. They are sisters. They are the sweetest pooches. Lots of energy and lots of love. The canvases were a thrift store score. Maureen and Craig added the frames.