Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Green Room Mural @ Moe's Mo'roc'can Cafe

Shortly after completing the Laundry Room Studio mural in July 1996 I was introduced by Barrett to Jerry, one of the owners of Moe. Moe was one of the funkiest, eclectic nightclubs in Seattle. The music they booked was all over the place. It reminded me so much of the old 930 club in DC. The decor was heavily sideshow/circus themed downstairs and had an art nouveau lounge upstairs. The cafe had amazing food. Excellent microbrews and stiff cocktails flowed and the all you can eat pasta happy hour was a life saver.

I was asked to paint a trashed and neglected room in the basement to make it more comfortable for bands to chill out in before and after gigs. I continued with the 'UFO/little green men theme' I had started at the Laundry Room. The lost alien wandered in a lush garden paradise with giant flowers, butterflies, a koi pond and a lagoon with a gentle waterfall. This was sort of how I felt as a new arrival in Seattle. Not exactly paradise but damn near. I was definitely a wide eyed alien wandering through this new green city. Prior to painting the room, Marilyn Manson had splattered some kind of nasty goop all over the walls.
Next door in another slightly larger room Roman, a brilliant visionary artist painted a very trippy alien visitation of his own.

Once the paint was complete I fixed dozens of rubber frogs to the unpainted brick wall, rolled wall to wall astroturf out and added some lawn chairs to complete the sense of being an a otherworldly backyard BBQ. This project paid a little bit, fed me and got me a good buzz for months and eventually led to my working at the club doing other art projects, construction, coat check, security and cooking. I made some lifelong friends along the way.

Moe closed its doors in 1997. The mural was unfortunately destroyed.

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