Thursday, May 15, 2008

it's all crap!

This painting was made on a canvas that was the twin to the Hattie's Hat painting in the previous post. This was my best appraisal of the growing traffic problem Seattle was facing. Made during the summer, fall and winter of 2001 this over-sized work was how I saw what was once beautiful livable city turned into a parking lot over-run by greed and consumerism. The perspective is from the middle of the Washington Bridge that spans the Lake Union mouth of the Ship Canal to Lake Washington. The viewer has a panoramic view of Seattle sweeping from downtown on the left towards Fremont on the right. Directly ahead would be Queen Anne Hill and beyond that the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain range. Since 2001 the actual traffic situation has begun to resemble this painting more and more. So much that moving to NY so living without a car for a while would be a possibility.

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bionic woman said...

These are the canvases that I gave you?
Lucy Hanna