Monday, May 19, 2008

...and now a word from our sponsor

this is a little selection of some of the sign work and design work I've done for clients. That would be people who paid me or bartered their services for my art.

From top to bottom:

Peoples Pub: Ballard's best meeting place and late night nosh. World famous for proper drink prices, fine German food and Fried Pickles. This eye catching sign gets you coming or going with a happy cuke saying 'Bitte' on one side and 'Danke' on the other.

Around Town: This was a little homegrown events calendar. An awesome idea for a portable schedule of movies, concerts, sports and night life that just never quite caught on. I designed the logo and lettering.

Joshua Billings Experienced Carpenter: A business card with a logo and letters that I designed. Pretty much says all there is to say on the card.

Fantastic Plastic: A cool little record/CD shop in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. I hand lettered the window sign and designed the logo. When I applied the one shot paint it was about 30 degrees outside. I could barely hold the brush. Luckily the owner, Bill kept a full keg of home brewed beer in the back of the shop. That at least made the chill bearable.

VAIN hair salon: This hand-lettered sandwich board was made for VAIN hair salon when it was still on 2nd Avenue. The letters were designed freehand, no computers or stencils. I did quite a bit of painting for Victoria, the owner of VAIN in the first couple years of the shops existence. There will be more photos of murals from VAIN in an upcoming entry.

The Starving Artist: Another quality hand-lettered sign for a little used art supply shop in Ballard, Seattle. The Starving Artist was on the ground floor of the Sunset Hotel which burned down in 2000. The building was fully rebuilt in 2005 and now houses several upscale designer boutiques and overpriced artists 'lofts'.

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