Saturday, April 19, 2008

Painting Beacon Red

The Tote Bag show at Open Space Gallery in Beacon NY was amazing! Over 100 artists presented custom totes. To my surprise, mine was sold immediately! this tells me I'm on the right path. Before the show Mika and I strolled around the town checking out other galleries and shops.
It was a perfect day- blue skies ad warm, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect! Checked out the cute little farmers market on the riverfront ad tasted some great wine. We got a caramel bar and an espresso brownie that were damn near orgasmic.

Spring has really hit NY and I was inspired to clean my studio and organize my work space so I can actually feel comfortable and get some stuff done. Now I just need to get a drafting table and a solid chair so my back doesn't kill me. I'm painting on the floor right now. Always have. Lately painting on the floor doesn't make my back feel so great. Getting older does that.

An unexpected toothache has derailed me momentarily. That should get fixed next week.
This week is going to be spent putting together an electronic portfolio and new Thee Choad pages for the comic book.

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