Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who What Where Why How ?????

My name is Michael O'Driscoll. I am an illustrator/painter currently living in New York City. I discovered my gift for drawing at 5 years old. I have been painting full-on since 1994. I use acrylic paint on a wide range of surfaces. I have done commercial murals, hand lettered shop signs, pet portraits, people portraits, cartoons and fine art paintings. My subject matter is all over the place but 99.99% of it has a sense of humor and whimsy to it.

I grew up in northern Virginia and Washington DC. Punk Rock was a huge influence on me. So much that drawing took a back seat for a few years. I worked as a DJ at Nightclub 9:30 from 1987 to 1992. I moved to LA in 1993. Living a few block from La Luz de Jesus Gallery, I got the painting bug and rediscovered my talent for visual art. I moved to NYC after living in Seattle WA for 12 years. It was in Seattle that I really grew as an artist and developed my cartoon-ey, tattoo-ey style.

I am completely self taught. From my beginning as a painter, I chose the signature 'Toast' to tag my work. Recently I have been signing my given name to my work. It just feels right for now. With Missing Link Art, I am available for commissioned work and commercial work. Any one interested in hiring my services can contact me at

In addition to showing examples of my work on this blog, I will be checking out & reporting on art exhibits, street art, music and events.

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