Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock & Roll Royalty

Here are a few portraits I've done of some really talented musicians. From the top: Debbie Harry, Frank Zappa, James Brown- these are all pen on paper.

The Jimi Hendrix Mural was made for Fantastic Plastic Records in Seattle. The Mural with all the faces of 20th century music legends is at Bop Street Records in Seattle.

The next series are ink drawings from my sketchbook. They are studies made while each of the musicians pictured were performing live. They were all done in one shot, no erasers were harmed in the making of these pictures! 1.Peter Blackstock @ the Sunset Tavern Seattle [editor/founder No Depression magazine] 2. Alejandro Escovedo @ the Tractor Tavern Seattle 3. The Drew Church @ Sit-n-Spin Seattle 4. Mr. Lund @ Mr. Spot's Chai House Seattle 5. Aiko Shimada @ Mr. Spot's Chai House Seattle 6. Barrett Jones [amazing musician/producer] @ the sound -board Laundry Room Recording Studio Seattle 7. Cryil Barrett @ the Bait house Seattle 8. Mike Dumovich @ the Black Lab Seattle 9. Reggie Watts @ the 700 Club Seattle.

The last illustration is the cover for a 7" record for the band Cookiepuss. Sadly, the band broke up before the art made it to press.

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