Thursday, March 20, 2008

First NYC show!

My first NYC show is tonight at Avenue A Sushi in the East Village. It's a group show and I am excited to be part of it. Other artists in this show are Heather Polaski, Meghan Burke, Hilary Doyle, John Stack, Shawn Cupid, Sarah Montero, Alison Milonakis, Erik VonPloennes, Mike A, Katie Odermatt, David Corcoran, Alana Delts and Frank Santiago Jr.

Tomorrow is another show at Zealous, a cool little store/gallery here in the Bronx. The top images are from the Zealous show. Pink, Rhode Island Avenue, Corcoran, Spy Camera, Daily News, Dean & Number One are the titles as you scroll from top to bottom. Each one is about 9"x 11" acrylic on board. The theme of the show is 'Scene without a Voice'. My pieces are all paintings of homeless people, a 'scene' which to me truly has no voice in this world.

I am including some images from the last Open Space show in Beacon. It was a great show featuring Polaroid composite by Patrick Winfield. I also added a new link to my friend Jason's cool new website,

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